September News & Events Update

Term 3 at Little Genesis started with a bang as we participated in a science show with Dr Joe.  This was an interactive show where children were invited to explore and discuss science.  Children were captivated and showed great enthusiasm towards the various experiments that were performed.  This incursion allowed our children to hypothesise, problem solve and experiment with a variety of ideas and materials.

Our service also invited Hello Africa to visit.  This an engaging, musical show where children are invited to participate in African singing and dancing pieces.  Children were also given the opportunity to play instruments with the group and explore their movement skills.  It was heart-warming to see children so engaged and involved in their learning throughout these experiences.

Some of our staff members attended a community networking meeting this term which explored the importance of Early Literacy Development.  We chose to be part of a strategic plan to promote Early Literacy skills in our wider community and have been thinking of ways to extend our passion for this topic.  Term 3 marked the start of more focussed literacy development in our Kindergarten programs as we embarked on our Reading Eggs online journey with the children and also began to implement our Metalinguistic program which focuses on language in the Early Years.  This includes letter and sound recognition, differentiating between a letter, word and sentence, clapping syllables in words and lots of rhyming!  We will continue to reflect on ways to improve Early Literacy development in our service and our wider community.

Some key dates to remember:

  • 20th September – Kindy Christian Concert for our Kindy Families
  • 20th September – Last Day of Term 3
  • 7th October – Little Genesis Closed
  • 8th October – First Day of Term 4