Play-based learning is an essential component of early childhood education and is often the most valuable context for children’s learning.

In fact, the Early Learning Framework is built on the understanding that the principles of early childhood pedagogy guide the practice of early childhood educators.

Little Genesis Early Learning Centre enthusiastically incorporates play based learning as a tool in achieving the best educational outcomes for their children. Every age group, from infants in the nursery through to curious Kindergarten children, benefit from a range of teaching strategies that put play first.

In its most basic form, infants can stack blocks together which promotes the skill of hand/eye coordination. In older rooms, little learners can be found participating in fun and immersive activities like tea parties which teach life lessons such as self-help skills, sharing and social norms. The centre and its classrooms are set up in inviting and thought-provoking ways to encourage children to explore, learn and be curious. Additionally, play-based problem solving with students and adults is employed as an early learning strategy that has a crucial effect on early learning for students.

Little Genesis Early Learning Centre adds to the documented effectiveness of play-based learning by implementing its own set of core values and beliefs. The centre operates around, “Faith, Hope and Love” and believes that families and community form an integral part of childhood curriculum.

The organised programs delivered by the qualified educators at Little Genesis have clearly defined visions for young learners. Importantly though, these programs provide enough flexibility and space for children to learn according to their own individual style and at their own pace. The educational framework strives to inspire a natural love of learning in children that will set them up for a positive educational journey.